Posted 29/09/2016

2016 AGM for All Members at KADS Theatre
Tuesday 15th November at 8.00pm

All KADS Members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, at the KADS Theatre from 8.00pm.

Please note, that you do need to be a current member to cast your vote. Ensure that your membership details are up to date, or you can contact Joy Miles, at to check your membership status. To become a Member, simply download a Membership Form or join online on our website HERE.

"Committee Nomination Form" needs to be received by the President, 24 hours prior to the AGM. This form is available on our website HERE, or by emailing Alternatively, please contact President Les Marshall on 0434 934 543 or email, should you have any further queries.

Should you be away at the time of the AGM (and are a current member), you can also download a "Voting by Proxy Form”, from our website HERE, or by emailing, so your vote can still be counted.

Positions for 2017 KADS Committee:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Front of House Roster
  • Publicity Officer
  • Programme Organiser
  • Front of House Manager
  • Box Office Manager
  • Hands-on Members
  • Wardrobe Manager
  • Membership Secretary
  • Hall Manager
  • Youth Officer
  • Hard copies of AGM forms and Season Member Booking forms will also be available at the theatre

    Committee Members 2016


    Leslie Marshall

    Vice President:

    Dee Howells

    Minutes Secretary:

    Ann Orlowski


    Lesley Broughton

    Production Manager:

    Karen Woodcock

    Publicity Officer:

    Front of House Manager:

    Ian Fraser (assisted on Market Days by Bill Weighill)

    Wardrobe Manager:

    Gail Michalzik

    Box Office Manager:

    Terry Hackett

    Hall Manager:

    Richard Woolman

    Membership Secretary:

    Joy Miles

    Youth Officers:

    Christine Ellis

    Front of House Roster:

    Alexis Marr

    Hands On Members:

    Bill Weighill
    Lucy Dreyer
    Stephen Marr
    Alexis Marr
    Keith Scrivens

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